Welcome to my new blog! I have been wanting to start blogging for some time, and I finally just jumped into it. I am pretty sure no one is ever going to read this. Who reads welcome blog posts? I plan to post as much as can. I am pretty busy, but I want to find time to share my thoughts and findings with the web. I was gonna say world, but that sounds pretty cheesy. I guess web does too. My passion is programming, technology, technology that lets me program more, and reading about technology and programming. Sometimes I do other things. I am on a never ending quest to learn as much as possible, and I really do find it extremely fun in doing so. I also read regular books and watch movies and do other regular people things, but always seem to have my projects in the back of my mind or a cool idea for a blog post that I never write. I work full-time as a web developer, and I do freelance work and personal projects in my spare time. I have been immersed in the .Net stack for quite a long time, but recently have been trying to move towards Linux and Mono in my effort to completely open source my life. Well, I will stop for now. I want to start posting some of my own work soon that I have not had the chance to open source yet.