This is a complete guide on compiling and installing MonoDevelop 4.X in Ubuntu (Ubuntu 13.04 at the time of this writing). It is a reference, and hopefully can be of some use to someone. The first thing you will need to do is to install the latest Mono. You can find a walkthrough in my previous post. Once you have Mono installed and running, you can follow the instructions below. This post assumes you have followed the instructions in the previous post, and that you used the /usr folder for the mono configuration prefix.

Building and installing dependencies

The first thing we will need to do is get all the dependencies built and installed that MonoDevelop will need. Navigate to the folder containing your working mono repositories from the previous steps. Let's pull down all the code we will need.

git clone [email protected]:mono/mono-addins
git clone [email protected]:mono/debugger

Then install the following dependencies

sudo apt-get install gtk-sharp2 gnome-sharp2 gnome-desktop-sharp2 mono-tools-devel

Installing mono-addins

Navigate to the root of the mono-addins folder you just pulled down and run the following commands to compile and install it.

./ --prefix=/usr --enable-gui
sudo make install

Installing debugger

Navigate to the root of the debugger folder you just pulled down and run the following commands.

./ --prefix=/usr
sudo make install

That should do it. You should now have everything you need installed to build MonoDevelop.

Installing MonoDevelop

First, lets head back to our root level mono source code folder, and let's clone the git repository.

git clone [email protected]:mono/monodevelop
git submodule update --init --recursive

Now, go into this new folder, and run the following commands.

./configure --prefix=/opt/monodevelop (This can be another folder if you want to install it somewhere else).

After you run this, it will ask you to select any additional packages you want to include in the build. I picked the Database and Debugger packages. This is completely up to you. When this is complete, you can run


Now, it is compiled and ready to be installed. Optionally, you can run make run rather than installing it if you just want to run it directly from this folder.

make run

- or -

make install

Now you are done. You have a running MonoDevelop install and can start hacking away.